SA may 26 2018 10h00

Creation - free entry
During this school year, the 320 schoolchildren at La Neuveville Elementary School learn and create in the fields of music, writing and the visual arts. The culmination of this work is presented at the opening of the Usinesonore festival 2018.
Schoolchildren make soundtracks illustrating six different courses. These then serve as audioguides for an artistic and dreamlike stroll through the city. These walks are punctuated by live interventions from students, which are sure to leave a strong impression.
An event for families, stories told, songs, mysterious noises, atmosphere and good mood!
The Grand Festin des Neuvevillois is laureate of the "Tête-à-Tête 2017-2018" competition organized by the Cultural Mediation Unit of the Direction of Public Instruction of the Canton of Berne.

Animators literature
Odile Cornuz, Eugene, Antoinette Rychner, Bettina Wohlfender

Animators music
Fanny Anderegg, Nathan Baumann, Felix Fivaz, Arthur Henry, Vincent Membrez, Lionel Perrinjaquet

Visual Arts Worker
Francine Coquoz

A production of the Usinesonore association


La Neuveville Primary School

At least 3 departures of walks during the day (precise schedule on site)


SA may 26 2018 19h00

Culinary performance of Emmanuel Giraud
An artistic and culinary performance for 30 guests, during which participants will be drawn and divided into two categories. On both sides of the table will sit the "Gods of Olympus" and the "mere mortals". Face to face, the commensals will share the same meal, but they will not taste the same menu!

If we can still reveal nothing of what will be proposed in the plates that night, we can however reveal that "in the world really reversed, the true is a tasty moment of false! ".

Ancienne cave de Berne

Reservation mandatory

About 2 hours


WE may 30 2018 16h30

The time for the Earth to perform 1/12 of a turn on itself, kids and adults will be invited to start this third evening by participating in many astronomical animations, located at a distance of a few millionths of a billion light-years of the main stage of the festival.

Rockets, comets, planets and stars will gravitate to music around the heart of the Usinesonore galaxy.

From 10 years old.

Usinesonore Tent

4:30 pm and 5:30 pm

45 minutes



WE may 30 2018 19h00

Jean-Pierre Luminet, astrophysicist, writer and poet, known personality of the world of the scientific mediation directs our glances towards the celestial vault.
The path that leads abstract elementary particles to the infinite variety of forms and beings passes through the stars.

In the course of their existence, they produce the material of which we are made.

Their rich bestiary, ranging from red dwarfs to fascinating black holes, not forgetting the pulsars, cosmic metronomes set to music, sings a long story that is none other than our own history.

Usinesonore Tent

60 minutes

Important information:
the ticket is valid all evening.


WE may 30 2018 20h30

We Spoke is a leading ensemble, renowned for its unique approach to contemporary repertoire. He will perform Le Noir de l'Étoile for six percussionists, a major piece in the 20th century  repertoire that remains a centerpiece of the mainstream of spectral music.

The tempo of the piece is captured live thanks to the pulsar of a star.

Gérard Grisey: The Noir de l'Étoile, for six percussionists.

We Spoke Percussion:
Brian Archinal, Elsa Bradley, Kaja Farszky, Julian Mégroz, Joe Richards, Serge Vuille

Cyrill Lim

A Usinesonore & We Spoke coproduction.

Usinesonore Tent

The ticket is valid for the whole evening.

60 minutes


TH may 31 2018 20h00

Only letters and syllables, sounds and gestures, Das Glashaus, for six actors, soprano, percussion and soundtrack, is a thirty-minute piece by Swiss composer Hans Wüthrich. This is a new staging of this piece that had a huge success when it was created in 1975.
It is about power, social order, eroticism, latent or open violence and attempts at revolution.
A combination of clean sounds and gestures: this is the language invented by Hans Wüthrich. The total mastery of the composer's German linguistics combined with the finesse of his art make Das Glashaus a masterpiece. Comic and highly political!

Aabat set:
Miao Zhao, voice
Mathilde Bernard, voice
Marie-Clémence Delprat, voice
Katelyn King, voice
Noémie Brown, voice
Samuel Cosandey, voice
Chloé Bieri, soprano
Bertrand Gourdy, percussion
Pierre Sublet, régie
Diana Ammann, costumes.

HKB - Bern University of the Arts (2017), as part of the musical theater subsidiary.

40 minutes

Usinesonore Tent

Important information:
The ticket is valid for the whole evening.


TH may 31 2018 20h00

Changement de programme :

En raison d'événements liés à sa santé, M. Jean-Pierre Drouet n'est pas en mesure de donner son spectacle PARCOURS.

Il est remplacé par :

Mecanic Percussions
Simon Løffler : H
Simon Løffler : B
Fritz Hauser, As we are Speaking

Ce programme fait la part belle aux instruments inventés. Le mouvement DIY (Do it Yourself) est très en vogue actuellement dans le milieu de la musique expérimentale. Simon Løffler en est un des grands ambassadeurs. Ses compositions exigent les instruments qu'il a lui-même inventés.
Enfin, la magnifique pièce As we are Speaking de Fritz Hauser, compositeur et musicien Suisse reconnu et ami de longue date de l'ensemble We Spoke, évoque la magie hypnotique de la musique des cigales.

We Spoke :
Julien Annoni
Brian Archinal
Kaja Frasky
Julien Mégroz
Olivier Membrez
Serge Vuille

Son :
Cyrill Lim

Information importante :
Le billet est valable pour les deux concerts de la soirée.

Dauer :
45 Minuten


FR june 01 2018 19h30

Boarding at the port of La Neuveville. By taking you for an artistic exploration of Ile Saint-Pierre, the initiators offer a moment close to nature, music in creation and an unusual event. On the way back, a sunset, itself accompanied by music.

Music program:
Olivier Messiaen, Bird Catalog (excerpts)
Ezko Kikoutchi, "The Pavilion" for soprano, flutes, violin and cello (2018)- (creation)

Scenario directed by Alexandra Richter and Ezko Kikoutchi.

Gilles Grimaitre, piano
Elisabeth De Merode, flute
Delphine Bouvier, violin
Eleanora Erne, cello
Clara Meloni, voice

The creation of Ezko Kikoutchi was supported by the Christiane and Jean Henneberger-Mercier Foundation and the Nicati-de-Luze Foundation.

An original production of the Association Usinesonore.

Place of departure:
La Neuveville landing stage

departure at 19:30, return around 22:30.

The ticket is valid for the whole evening, boat trip and aperitif included.


SA june 02 2018 18h00

The international network for music research Norient (Bern/Berlin) is looking for new music from around the globe and mediates it via various platforms. The core team (Thomas Burkhalter, Theresa Beyer, Hannes Liechti) collaborated on the creation of this Afghan evening by curating a documentary, a round table and a festive evening party to end the Usinesonore 2018 festival in style.


Rebel Beats
Short-length Documentary directed by Omid Marzban (Afghanistan, 2016, VO / fr)

Afghanistan might be the front line in the global battle for women's rights, but how does it really feel to fight as a woman in the front line? Paradise knows it best. She is Afghanistan's most popular female rapper who takes on issues such as child marriage, honor-killings and other forms of violence against women.

Round Table: Preserving, Inventing and Pushing Forward Afghan Music

- Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, musicologist and director of the National Institute of Music of Kabul
- Mashal Arman, singer of Ensemble Kaboul (Geneva)
- Girl from the Zohra orchestra (to be announced soon)

Host: Elisabeth Stoudmann
Translation Farsi-French: Sima Dakkus

Usinesonore Tent

Important information:
The ticket is valid throughout the evening



SA june 02 2018 20h30

The Zohra Orchestra is the first all-female orchestra composed of students from the National Music Institute of Afghanistan. They will perform a concert of traditional musics of this country.

The invitation of this orchestra responds to the desire of Usinesonore to showcase female artists working in countries where their rights are still limited or even violated. As soon as they arrive, the musicians will welcome musicians from the Bernese Jura together to make them discover their music and share the stage with them.

Zohra Orchestra (Kabul)
Zohra: Afghan Girls Orchestra
Loren Braithwaite: Conductor
Dr. Ahmad Samarst: Project Director, Founder and Director of Afghanistan National Institute of Music

Usinesonore Tent

60 minutes

The ticket is valid for the whole evening


SA june 02 2018 22h00

DJ and Rapper Ismael Hares alias Black Afghan Soundsystem was born in Kabul, but raised in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany). He began his career as a musician as wedding DJ of Afghan communities in Germany. Today, under the pseudonym Malik, he is an established rapper and dancehall musician, collaborating with Gentleman or Richie Stephens. For the final evening of Usine Sonore Festivals he presents a DJ set of current Afghan music and global sounds. Danceable without limitation.