World Premiere


Creation - free entry
During this school year, the 320 schoolchildren at La Neuveville Elementary School learn and create in the fields of music, writing and the visual arts. The culmination of this work is presented at the opening of the Usinesonore festival 2018.
Schoolchildren make soundtracks illustrating six different courses. These then serve as audioguides for an artistic and dreamlike stroll through the city. These walks are punctuated by live interventions from students, which are sure to leave a strong impression.
An event for families, stories told, songs, mysterious noises, atmosphere and good mood!
The Grand Festin des Neuvevillois is laureate of the "Tête-à-Tête 2017-2018" competition organized by the Cultural Mediation Unit of the Direction of Public Instruction of the Canton of Berne.

Animators literature
Odile Cornuz, Eugene, Antoinette Rychner, Bettina Wohlfender

Animators music
Fanny Anderegg, Nathan Baumann, Felix Fivaz, Arthur Henry, Vincent Membrez, Lionel Perrinjaquet

Visual Arts Worker
Francine Coquoz

A production of the Usinesonore association


La Neuveville Primary School

At least 3 departures of walks during the day (precise schedule on site)