Operetta in seven acts 35.- / 10.-


Only letters and syllables, sounds and gestures, Das Glashaus, for six actors, soprano, percussion and soundtrack, is a thirty-minute piece by Swiss composer Hans Wüthrich. This is a new staging of this piece that had a huge success when it was created in 1975.
It is about power, social order, eroticism, latent or open violence and attempts at revolution.
A combination of clean sounds and gestures: this is the language invented by Hans Wüthrich. The total mastery of the composer's German linguistics combined with the finesse of his art make Das Glashaus a masterpiece. Comic and highly political!

Aabat set:
Miao Zhao, voice
Mathilde Bernard, voice
Marie-Clémence Delprat, voice
Katelyn King, voice
Noémie Brown, voice
Samuel Cosandey, voice
Chloé Bieri, soprano
Bertrand Gourdy, percussion
Pierre Sublet, régie
Diana Ammann, costumes.

HKB - Bern University of the Arts (2017), as part of the musical theater subsidiary.

40 minutes

Usinesonore Tent

Important information:
The ticket is valid for the whole evening.

«Comic and highly political!»