Documentary - Feminine - Oriental 35.- / 10.-


The Zohra ensemble is the first Afghan women's orchestra. It was founded in 2014 by the National Institute of Music of Kabul. To integrate the concert in a larger context, the research network Norient collaborated on the creation of this Afghan evening by proposing a documentary, a round table and a festive evening party to end the Usinesonore 2018 festival in style. 

Rebel Beats
Documentary directed by Omid Marzban (Afghanistan, 2016, VO / en)

Preserving and revitalizing Afghan music
Round table with:
- Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, musicologist and director of the National Institute of Music of Kabul
- Mashal Arman, singer of Ensemble Kaboul (Geneva)
- Moderation: Kjell Keller

Theresa Beyer, Thomas Burkhalter

will be revealed later

Important information:
The ticket is valid throughout the evening